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Hi there, Myself Ashish Prajapati. I'm currently doing my computer science degree. I love computers and programming a lot as I started this blog (Geekybits) just for to learn and experience about wordpress sites.I spend my whole day just sitting in front of my laptop what I just love. You can check out my professional skills and more about me on LinkedIn. And yeah thanks for visiting this blog.

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    Excellent and very easier to understand article. This is called a master piece. thanks God I am save from darodar, econom and vitaly.

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    Richard Mosqueda

    thanks very much

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    THANKYOU so much- I have been inundated with these- now its too !!! So helpful and making it easy for us not so clever!!

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    Thank you. I’ve been looking for such a solution to get rid of hulfingtonpost spam.

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    Hi there, could you explain what the difference is between filtering and referral exclusion list? Is one better to use than the other?

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      Ashish Prajapati

      Both the methods does the same thing, you can use any one of these.
      1. In referral exclusion when the referral hits you site it will not create a new session. Hence you will have more accurate analytics of your site.
      2. The filters does many jobs like exclusion, include and also matches the pattern you enter and will not be shown in your analyrics.
      Read here for more information.


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