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Ashish Prajapati

Hi there, My name is Ashish Prajapati. I'm currently doing my computer science degree. I love computers and programming a lot as I started this blog (Geekybits) just to learn and experience about wordpress sites.I spend my whole day sitting in front of my laptop what I just love. You can check out my professional skills and more about me on LinkedIn. And yeah thanks for visiting this blog.

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    Many thanks for this article. I added it to analytics first as Excluded with No help. So I added this code and so far, so good. No more spamming yet. (cross my fingers).

    again. Thank you.

  2. 2


    I want to use htaccess method.
    But the last line is “END WORDPRESS”

    Should i paste the code before it or after it?

  3. 3

    Louis Jansen

    I prefer using .htaccess as well since that is the very first item a request is done to your webserver/website. Have the same issues by the way with this domain,,, and since yesterday also

    I think I did see similarities in IP-ranges for these domains so I might consider blocking whole IP-rangen rather than blocking a new domain-name eacht 10 days.

  4. 4


    I think these blocking code using domain would be endless.
    We should take substantial solutions into consideration.
    These spam domains ip address is
    One of the most effective solution is to remove this ip address from Google Analytics.
    But I would like to know why this domain can make foot print in Google Analytics but not apache or nginx logs.

    1. 4.1

      Ashish Prajapati

      1. As I stated above when my website was completely down still I was getting hit from darodar referral I don’t know how is that possible because my hosting providers servers were completely down. Now that is for sure that spammers are doing something with the google analytics tracking code.
      2. So when I was thinking the same thing like blocking the server IP from which all the referral visits are happening. Now the thing is the web browser returns some data which we can use to know that who is the referrer and so on. Thus it returns the site domain or its ip, but not the server IP from where the site/domains are hosted. So we can not block that server.
      This is something I think but still trying to understand whole whats happening with this spam domains and traffic.

      1. 4.1.1


        This information is very useful.
        I have two views in Google Analytics, filtering and filtering no data.
        Comparing two data, it seems that filtering is working fine.
        The spammers definitely know out Google Analytics codes, because of referer spam,
        They are doing something special to make their foot prints.
        I will report these information to


          Louis Jansn

          Am I missing something here? What is the added value of using filter in Googe Analytics. By filtering an IP out in Google Analytics the only thing that is changing is what you see, not what is actualy happening on your website and/or server.

          A spaming domain referer would still be able to request and access files and will influence your website performance. By blocking a domain of IP-address/rang (i.e. in .htaccess) you make it impossible to reacht you files.

          Or am I mis-interpreting the situation maybe?

        2. Ashish Prajapati

          Yes you are right. I have already talked about this in my previous article.

  5. 5


    Hey I have made all the required changes in my htaccess, still I am getting the traffic from and What to do next?

  6. 6

    Rafa Labrador

    Thanks for your post! I was searching exactly that information. I hope I can block priceg spammer.

  7. 7

    albin thomas

    this is what i was looking for.thanks


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