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Ashish Prajapati

Hi there, My name is Ashish Prajapati. I'm currently doing my computer science degree. I love computers and programming a lot as I started this blog (Geekybits) just to learn and experience about wordpress sites.I spend my whole day sitting in front of my laptop what I just love. You can check out my professional skills and more about me on LinkedIn. And yeah thanks for visiting this blog.

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  1. 1

    Ashish Prajapati

    For referral spam traffic read the above article and replace the url with in the blocking codes.

  2. 2

    Ashish Prajapati

    The same spammer now using domain. read above to know more.

  3. 3

    Eric Seiler

    Great Post men ! Over at my site I have this SanJosestartups .com bringing me traffic . I believe I got it from a service over at Fiverr .com . I going to leave it for now and see study the behavior a bit . Keep it up with your degree !

  4. 4

    Ashish Prajapati

    Don’t worry Eric, this is the same guy who is spamming from a long time with previous all spam domains , all the domains redirecting to aliexpress .com with referral link. I don’t think anyone will purchase with this kinda redirection. He is a fool or having something else in his mind.
    Thanks for the comment. !


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